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Firewall Trouble


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It seems that no matter which of the free Firewalls I use I have trouble sending mail using Outlook or Outlook Express. I have no trouble receiving mail. I set up to allow both Outlook and Outlook Express, but it makes no difference. As soon as I disable the Firewall the mail goes fine. Is there any chance that the Firewalls are being caused trouble by my Modem/Router Hardware Firewall?
Ensure that outlook is permitted to access outbound port 110 TCP.

Your e-mail communication may also be intercepted by your anti-virues.

For example in the case of NAV it will intercept the mail and scan it before sending it on. In NAVs case ccApp.exe requires a rule allowing ports 25 TCP and 110 TCP outbound.


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Thanks Guys, as soon as I disable the Firewall everything works fine. I had a call from a friend the other day, saying that he couldn't send mail, I told him to disable his Firewall (Kerio 2.1.5) and it worked for him as well.


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I don't think I misread anything. The anti virus is still running fine, and mail is both being sent and received, as long as the Firewall is Disabled. I uninstalled my Firewall, as soon as I reinstall I will take Enyo's advice and configure the settings as he suggested. I am running Avast anti virus which I have had no trouble with.


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I sorted the problem with mail. It was the Firewall not asking me about the anti virus checking mail. It was set to ask, but wasn't asking, it was just blocking. I set it to allow and it seems fine.

However now I find that I cannot upload files to my Web Server. It allows me to access the Server Files, but when I try to upload it is getting blocked. If I disable Firewall I can upload files OK. I have checked the settings and my FTP software is set to allow, and when I try to upload I cannot see any applications being blocked. Any ideas?

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