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Firewall Software..Which is best?




Yes I know I have XP and it comes with built in firewall protection, I know its only basic, and not that great, so could you recommend any firewall software?

Ive heard of BlackICE and ZoneAlarm, but I dont know which is best. I use dialup connection, so it needs to protect that kind of internet connection, I dont want some software thats gonna turm my PC into a "over weight blob of grease.." as they say in StarWars!!



Perris Calderon

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forget black ice, there's ZA, Sygate, and Norton...Norton costs money...do not try the ZA beta...lotalota bugs

The easiest to use is the free ZA
actually the zew Za beat 3.00.70 is pretty stable and had alot of bug fixes....what people forget about betas is ya gotta keep updating the beta lol
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oh and i like ZA


I'll Just say three little words as well "Zone Alarm Pro" Best one I've found yet, Works well for me.
Give it a try you can download the basic version for free for home use. :D

Perris Calderon

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I like them both, ZA is more organic (simpler to use), Tiny uses less resources...I toggle, why don't you try both?By hte way, Rescueone, ZA pro costs some lire, and the free does as good a job.


After using all of the above listed firewall and a few more....

In XP and ME the best one of them all for me was Sygate Personal Firewall 5 Pro...

It is very easy to use and has some very good features.

But I do think that if and when ZAP 3 is finished it will also be very good...


I think the essence of the posts above is that there is not an absolute answer to which firewall is the best. The products mentioned are all good and you will probably not make a mistake no matter which you pick. "Best" is almost certainly defined by personal preference. We use Zone Alarm and are happy with it but I suspect we would be satisfied with any of the better ones mentioned.


I prefer using Sygate for XP. I have tried Black Ice, ZA and Tiny and it seems like Sygate runs the smoothest for XP. My recommendation would be either Tiny or Sygate, they seem to use less system resources. Black Ice had too many crashes in XP. ZA also has some conflicts with Office XP, so I don't use it.;)


Norton Firewall 2002

How bored am I, I thought I would put my say in to confuse u even more.
Zone Alarm, Good small free firewall but limted in what it can do such as cookie monitering and the way it does not learn what programs get up to. Best if u don't want to pay any money. Be warned though it has caused problems with freeserve any time and the settings that it uses.
Zone Alarm Pro, same as above plus u have to pay for it, can't remeber what the differences are so they can not be that good.
Black Ice used it a bit but had problems getting it to work, and despite what a lot of people tell u it is not the best and is limted for desktop computers although for severs it is a different story.
Mcaffe v3+, ok but cheaper modems from a few years ago under nt any version don't always get dected probably leaving u funderable even though it never tells u that. It is cheaper than norton's one but is pretty much crap and childish in looks, and difficult to configure.
Norton Personal Firewall 2002, this is the one i use now and has been no problems at all easy to configure even though it has the most features which u can configure, lerans about programs and there are updates every so offerned to keep up to date (this is something free firewalls do not have, in general) Cookies and personal info can also be controled with this one. Plus loads more.

There are loads of hackers out there sub seven ect are very easy to get hold of, so buy norton 2002. If you realy don't want to pay get Zone Alarm ( or pro).


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