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21 Jun 2002
I don't know why but when firefox opens windows media player to play videos the video moves with the scroll. I believe it's only a wmv issue but I'm not sure. Has anyone else had this problem.

To sum it up and make it more understandable. If I'm watching a video with WMP in Firefox if I scroll the page the movie moves with it. I don't understand because I've never had this problem before.

Any help would be of course appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.
yeah, i've had this as well.

Not really thought about it too much, since my solution was to not scroll :)
don't think it was fixed, installed and still the same problem...gotta be a wmp problem and wmp problem some plugin's driving me crazy.
my only reason for bringing this thread back is to ask if anyone else has these problems? If anyone else is having great video playback in vista with firefox If so are you running any extensions?

i'm wondering if adblock plus is messing with my playback but it seems to still happen when I'm not using it as well.

I want to stick with FF but this is driving me nuts. Nobody even seems to help on the official mozillazine forums.
my only reason for bringing this thread back is to ask if anyone else has these problems?
Yeah, I've noticed this too. It only happens for videos that play in WMP, not the ones on YouTube, Google Video, etc. I don't run across embedded WM videos that often, so it doesn't bother me much. Would be nice to find a fix though.

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