Firefox thinks I'm German


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From time to time I have to use firefox and of course the google search box is very useful. Except that the search box seems to think I am german and sends me off to the results page at I've had a flick through the settings and about:config and can't find a way to force it to use or preferably

I don't know why it thinks I am german but some things I've checked seem to think the IP range I am in is german even though the RIPE database was updated months ago to say it was a GB range.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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Yeah I can go to google manually and then enter the query but I like the convenience of the toolbar search box. Why won't firefox let me do what I want instead of being all automagical and pissing me off. Safari doesn't have this problem when my Mac is using an IP from the same range.

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From what I’ve heard Google uses a special prefetching feature in Firefox now, read down too the end of the first article where it tells how to correct that.

Google Article

“Meanwhile if you want to use the standard version of Google, click on in English at the bottom of any Google homepage or type /ncr in your address bar. Google cookies will save your preference.”

As it seems sometimes this doesn’t work all the time but it’s worth a try, others are having the same problem farther down on that same page.