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Firefox popups/unders


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It seems almost evey site I go to these days that has popup/unders that Firefox is letting through. I haven't changed my settings, what could be causing this and how do I stop them?
It's a new kind of popup/popunder that evades the Firefox popup blocker (and other popup blockers). I don't know exactly how they are done, but apparently there's a way. I guess we'll see if it's possible to stop them, if so I'm sure there will be a patch any time now. :)


yea its getting annoying. Even when i try and load a page, it loads only the pop. Damn people need to spend their time doing better things than coding pop-ups. I wonder how much that ***hole got paid to figure it out.

Perris Calderon

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just a little warning

this is not a "which browser to use" thread

there's an issue with firefox, and any mention of another browsers gonna get deleted

...if you don't have the issue with a diiferant browser, we don't want to hear it, if you have the same issue with another browser start a new thread


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i've seen those, but they don't appear that often. zonealarm takes care of most of them and only recently i've seen both of them let some through. i guess we can expect this to be solved with the 1.1 version of FF?

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I've stopped most of the popups with Proxomitron... Basically it's a web proxy which one can install on their comp, set the browser to go out the loopback address of on the port it runs on, and it will basically re-code the HTML on the fly to elliminate these popups...


Most things still still seem avoided, however it's no longer being updated... I've looked for something as good as Proxomitron for blocking, but that's still being actively developed (against nasties these advertizers might introduce) but have come up dry.

In the meantime (and unless someone has found a good and as featured alternative), it might help block some of what people are seeing...


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Ads that can slip past are nothing new lately. Although still rare they are the next gen of up and coming web annoyance. :(

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