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Firefox messed up?

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Not sure what happened here. I left my system alone while I made lunch. I come back and it's restarted. No big deal usually, but when I load firefox it gives me this welcome screen, prompts me that it's not my default browser and my bookmarks are nowhere to be found. I opened my profile and was able to restore all my bookmarks and extensions but now it's still being weird. It's a cosmetic problem so it's nothing terrible, just annoying. Everytime I start it it loads a blank bookmark toolbar. I have no need for this and disable it in the view menu but it keeps coming back. Also it resets all my custom buttons and layouts back to the default. It removes all my search engines from the search bar as well. What should I do? Save my profile and reinstall maybe?


Stranger Than Fiction
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Re: Firefox f*ck up?

Latest version; 1.5.something. I reinstalled and that didn't work so I completely removed it, deleted my profile and reinstalled. That got it, now I gotta go around and reenter all my passwords and stuff. Such a pain!


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Re: Firefox f*ck up?

mozbackup is a great program...gives me a warm feeling knowing all my settings are saved.


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Re: Firefox f*ck up?

Thank's tdinc!! Very Awesome find. just reinstalled Firefox and all is well. It no longer comes right back up when I minimumize it. And I didn't have to spend hours tweaking it to get it back to the way I want it.

reppage to you!


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Re: Firefox f*ck up?

hehehehe lol kekekkeek lol kekhahaheheheROFL!!!!1111!!!!!11111!!!1!!

Okay. He asked for a solution to fix his firefox, he was not looking for an alternate browser.

just get Opera lol.. IE sucks.
just get rid of everything.... internet sux... lol :p
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