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Firefox is crashing a lot more now.


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Recently Firefox has been crashing a lot more with me, even after clean installs of XP. Also sluggish behaviour seems to happen quite a lot!

I regularly experience occurrence of 99% CPU usage and up to 300MB memory usage, even when there is just one tab open! This isnt isolated to just one website, it can be any site at all! I always clean out the cache but this seems to solve the problem for a little while.

I have the cache set to: 1569324.064MB

Running on:

WinXP (Pro) SP2
zero plug-ins/extensions/themes for FF (except flash and quicktime).

I checked the FF forums but nothing relevant is showing up on the search results.

Before anyone says anything, yes, I do use IE7 and frequent between IE, FF and Opera, its just I have been using FF since its first public release beta and prefer it. I dont want to switch :cry:

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