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Firefox HD-carbon fiber theme


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lol my housemate will love that theme!! as more myself working in that industry i am sick of the sight of the stuff :)
Oh nice theme byt the way


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Dude that is an awesome theme ... Looking really good .. I have to admit, the themes for firefox are some of the best I have seen ...

Electronic Punk

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I'll ignore the fact that last picture has a naughty word in it :)

Looks good, shame I am using these light apple-style themes at the moment...
Not used a dark theme for a while now... I am too damn cheery :)
lol - sorry - there is a site called "F***theinter.net" - I was checking out

I'll be making at light colored theme from the mac community's GUI mock up contest winner's theme - when/if it becomes available - should be an awesome theme.

You guys think maybe black text on the selected tab would be better?
lynchknot said:
Sorry, I can't release this until I figure out how to eliminate the hover blue and white text - or someone tells me how.

As far as I know, the Operating System regulates the selected text color and probably the text color itself too. Unless there is a way to override it of course
Theme creating is all about overriding the OS - :)

Released with bugs: text highlight(url/search) need eliminate - options panel needs work

Release-Final screenshot:

Ok, cool skin, BUT:
  • The bottom bar (where, among other things, the status of a page is being displayed) shrinks a little when the loading progress bar shows up. It unshrinks when the bar is gone.
  • My bookmarks toolbar is gone! It's just a blank space now (see screenshot)
  • And, when hovering over a menu-item that has a tick (looks like a v) before the item's name, the menu shrinks a little, much like the first bug. When you hover away (to an item without a tick), it's normal again.

If you want, I can post more screenshots.


This is the window asking the user where it should save the file. Dunno if that is a WIP, but:
  • The greyed out text should be made lighter (perhaps even a bigger fontsize?), so it is more clear on what it says.
  • The first three lines of text (filename, from, mime-type) should have a background-color/image matching the rest of the background. Maybe you could give the text a different color than the rest, so that is stands out better, as these lines give pretty important information.

I will post more when I find them, if you don't mind ;)


UPDATE: Added mouseover (hover) to URL and search fields.

Yes, I know about all that. It's a lot of work looking for and changing everything in a theme.

I already have almost 30 hours into this theme and it's only been a few days.


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Cant get it to work at all :( mind you I am using a non official build Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7b) Gecko/20040326 Firefox/0.8.0+ (scragz)
Still the screen shots look amazing :)

Any chance of branching into Visual Styles as well? A carbon fiber task bar would be well funky :)

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