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Firefox Extension Scripts Problem


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I have 2 problems with 2 different extensions in firefox.

#1 - I am using Gmail Manager, and I am using 2 emails with it. The manager only shows new emails and such, for one email, the otherone (even if there is new mail) doesn't change, it says 0 new emails....

#2 - I started using Newsfox about 2 or so weeks ago, no problems, then I started getting this script problem, saying script is busy, continue, or cancel? Happening when I open up Newfox, or refresh it.
I thought it was greecemonkey but I uninstalled it and still happening...

Any help?
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Well I have been doing some testing kind of, I removed one of the accounts and left the one that wasen't updating and it still doesn't work.

I was also using Yahoo's new email setup, and the script thing showed up. It seems to pop up whenever something is doing any real work loading something or yea.

Any ideas?


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Well one of the problems fixed itself, I removed the Digg.com rss read from Newsfox and it dosen't happen anymore. I'm not sure what that means, but it's very weird.

*EDIT, started again, once I closed Newsfox and reopened....friggin annoying...I can't stand all these small Firefox problems, but I can't move to any other browser though lol
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Lol, seems like this thread was just my own little thing...

for those who might have the same problem, or will...

I fixed the problem by going in about:config in the address bar...

finding dom.max_script_run_time.....and increasing it....I changed it from 5 to 10

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