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Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
anyone know if there's an extension that will insert the internet explorer address I'm on into the firefox browser whenever I launch it?

for instance, if I need to open firefox to view a page I can't see in ie, I would like to just launch firefox and be there without pasting the address once it opens

anything like this?

(no "why are you using ie at all" questions please)
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recent view is nice and will be fine, thanx..I give you reps

I would like it to be a permanent feature though so I don't have to hit anything to get there, but this will do nicely
There is a plugin for Firefox that does what you are asing, its just backwards. IETab, it allows you to "switch rendering engines" either on the page you are looking at or on new tabs, links and so on. Its a great plugin, but since you are using IE as your Primary browser I suppose this doesnt really help does it? :)

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