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Firefox Download Day


OSNN Veteran Original
The problem with it being down (which i think they are doing it to update stuff) is that a lot of people who are suppose to download from there site to include in the record are downloading from other sites, breaking the record.


OSNN Veteran Original
Yea same here, and its because they were updating all their sites with new designs and new files. Plus the millions of people trying to access all their sites, and plus all the extension updates as well.


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Political User
Yep, i am very surprised. they should have known a server meltdown was likely.
they should have been ready. :rolleyes: both mozilla and spreadfirefox are down


OSNN Veteran Original
Actually the last time I checked, all their sites are down. And from what I read they did known and was suppose to be ready, so what happened lol


OSNN Advanced
I'd love to hear ppl downloading this just to throw it in the recycle bin. :p
I might just do that myself... helps the download record.... not the install base. :)


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I know a sysadmin who runs three mirrors for various bits and pieces of software, including Mozilla. He is pushing about 700 Mbits/sec from all three of his servers.

Let me remind you, osnn.net is connected to a 100 Mbit/sec uplink, so he has saturated that, 7 times over. 21 times over if you count all three servers.

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