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Firefox don't work in some sites

There's this site which has an interface where there's a pull down menu, and when you click on one of them, only a part of the website changes to that section. Not the whole webste... IE can do this... I found firefox doing nothing when i click on that. Any plug ins? any help? :confused:


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Could be poor code by webmaster. Also could be a render bug in firefox. What site was it as I'm sure others will ask? :)


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I'm sure it is improper coding. Don't blame the browser, blame the webdesigner. Send the company an email saying how incompetent their designer is.
Well, it could be... but why would the IE be working then? Maybe the webdesigner was ignorant to the extent of designing the site for only IE? The site is in Korean so I didn't type the link here, although I wanted you to see. If you don't mind the incomprehensible texts and finding the button I want you to try click, it'd be great.

it is an online computer (stuff) price site. When the page loads, click on the VGA button on the blue bar on top of the page. When the next page comes out, you'll see pics of 5 graphics card. Just below that is the 2 pull down menu side by side. The first one don't work... second one pulls down, but it won't change anything. Try the same with IE now... it works :(
Check the site's homepage and technical help areas. Some sites list whether they are compatible with certain browsers or not. If they have a list of compatible browers and yours isn't there then that may be why.
haha, every new language seems hard to learn at first. I think korean is relatively easy. Well, i really like firefox. I just installed it yesterday and it is awesome. It would be perfect if it could show every site like IE tho. I still like firefox more. :) even the icon looks cooler.


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What version of Firefox are you using?

And what is/are the sites that render incorrectly? Post them and we that also use Firefox could check 'em out to see if they also render incorrectly for us.
Fireforx 0.9

I've already posted the link above, but here it is again.

Top of the page, you'll see the blue bar. There's the VGA button. Click on that.
Next page, you'll see 5 pics of video cards, and just below them is two pull down menus. Both of them works in IE, however, in firefox, the first one doesn't even work, and the second one does nothing when i choose one of the video cards. It should reload the list below with only the selected type of video cards.

Some sites just have soddy progammers that only code it to work correctly in IE.

I just checked, and if I was checking the right thing, they worked for me, they are javascript buttons. I'm using FF.8 but i'd check to make sure you have java installed correctly.


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i think u need the java installed like dream said...cause i dont have java installed and it dont work for me...so yeah make sure u have it installed.
I've uninstalled my previous java webstart prg which i got from the link i've given above. I've noticed the numbers are lower on the link you've given me, though.

mine was 1.4.2_03
the one being downloaded now from SUN is 1.0.1_02?
well, i'll try it anyways and see if it works... will report back in a few minute
I've installed java webstart and tried the firefox on that site again. But still the first pull down menu is inactive. the second one is the same as well (i select, for example, radeon 9800 Pro and it changes to that... but the list below the pull down menu stays the same. it should be displaying only the 9800 series.

Awww... shucks... :(

[EDIT] am i supposed to open up the java applet separately? i just installed it and that's it. I dunno what to do. also, could you give me some sites that is a good example of using java applet? so i might try those and see if they work

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