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Firefox 3 Don't Look Right


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So I was looking at reviews and blogs about FF3 of course, since it's coming soon. I noticed that mine does not look the same.

If you look at mine they are square, it's suppose to be rounded off and nice. Now I looked at my extensions, and all the ones that could of effected it are not working with 3.0, so that's not the issue.

What is causing this? or like...
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Do you have a custom skin for vista AND for FF? Weren't you trying to use some kind of transparency thinger for FF earlier?

The default view is whatever was posted above. If yours is different, undo the changes you made previously and you'll be fine. Just back track through all the things you have modified.


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I have made no changes to Firefox, no theme. I am using a theme for Vista but I changed that and it still is happening. I have 50+ addon's installed but only 5 are enabled due to the 3.0 not accepting them. I have gone through all the settings of those working addon's and nothing is able to effect it.

A new profile, how and would that not make everything new and unchanged, as in all my settings for the working addons and bookmarks and other stuff?

in safemode eh, would that help?

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