Firefox 3 Alpha 5


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18 Mar 2002
Just read some rather encouraging information about FF3. The latest alpha has added a bunch of pieces that may well have it play nicer on Mac.

Amongst my favourite pieces of news is that the Password Manager, now Login Manager, will be able to tie in to system password managers like the OS X Keychain or Gnome Keychain. The other piece of news which is very welcome and way past due is FF3 supporting native OS X controls.

Unlikely I switch away from Safari, but its pleasing to see these features on their way.

Also FF3 will be using SQLite3 for their offline data store. I've not heard any news like this for Safari yet (not been looking) but it would be similarly nice if Safari were to make use of the CoreData OS X framework (also uses SQLite as well as binary or XML stores) to provide a similar feature.


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25 Aug 2004
I hate the password manager in firefox, is nice to look at all my friends passwords though

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