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[Finished] OSNN, Buzz Corps and AT&T Giveaway

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Jewelzz has been working hard for us and has got OSNN invited into a group of sites taking part in a competion to giveaway a Pantech Matrix Pro from AT&T.

Once again we are working with Buzzcorps to provide one lucky person in the USA with this funky dual sliding Windows Mobile as well as $100 for service credit as a gift card.

Ok so the details of the competition are as follows:

Registed members from the USA with at least 10 posts can send a private message to osnncompetition here: Now closed

In this private message all you have to do is suggest the coolest feature that you would either like to see on a mobile phone be it hardware, software or a feature of the operating system (ie Windows Mobile).

Don't rush your idea as you only enter once and the winner will be selected by the OSNN team!

A winner will be selected on the 26th April so good luck and get thinking of some cool ideas!

Good luck and if you have any issues, please post them in this thread (if you can't send a private message etc.)

Scary important stuff

  • Your personal information is not being sold or distributed to any other company and is used solely for communication between OSNN and yourself.
  • Winners from other sites running this promotion will not be able to win this competition.
  • No purchase is necessary to participate in this competition.
  • The winner will be notified via private message and/or e-mail. An e-mail reply to confirm the contact details will be requested.
  • The confirmation reply must be sent back in 48 hours otherwise another winner will be selected.
  • If the e-mail address is invalid (e-mail bounces) then another winner will be selected.
  • Postage is paid.
  • This competition is only valid for registered members of OSNN living in the United States (as the device is locked to AT&T)
My first Windows Mobile phone was a HTC MTeor running Windows Mobile 5 and coming from the classic Nokia with its across the board standard interface there was definitely a learning curve. However nowadays (and I really mean just two short years later) smart phones are fairly common place.

My earlier experience with Windows Mobile 5 standard gave me a great head start when I got my next device (Tytn2) running Windows Mobile 6.0 (and then 6.1) Professional. I think getting to learn Windows Mobile is a very good thing because although future version will have additional features and interface changes the basic functions will always be very similar it has also been great to see the progression through to Windows Mobile 6.5 and I am greatly anticipating Windows 7. It might not currently be as pretty as the iPhone operating system but it is obvious that Microsoft are working on it.

While I haven’t had hands on experience with the Pantech Matrix Pro myself I have been following other sites taking part in this competition, Jewelzz also had some limited time with the device so hopefully she can offer a little insight. The easiest review to read is here by John which you can find here: http://absolutevista.com/blogs/absolutevista/archive/2009/03/18/2915.aspx.

So the device has two keyboards which is great, although I rarely used the keyboard it was much faster for texting and I must admit I do miss my dial pad a little bit instead having to resort to greasy paw prints all over my TouchHDs screen every time I want to do something and I feel far too geeky whipping out a stylus all the time. With all keyboards closed it is still possible to navigate menus and perform the usual Windows Mobile functions such as answering, hanging up (although I suspect those are found on others too) but also back and start.

As a Windows Mobile it comes with a lot of software built in out of the box including mobile versions of Office, Messenger (depending on carrier but now available for all), Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player and of course Solitaire. In general you can download other software free such as Windows Live, Google maps - both of which will happily make use of the built in GPS software.

Windows Mobile will also allow you to completely consolidate your contacts into one manageable list, it can take a little tweaking but having your phone numbers, messenger contacts and Outlook contacts under one simple contact really is a nice thing.

While I can’t recommend the Pantech Matrix Pro without actually having played with it, you would certainly be starting on higher ground than I did and it is certainly better on the eyes, it is a fine introduction to Windows Mobile and will give you the opportunity to see that behind the comparatively ugly interface there is a very powerful platform behind it.
As previously mentioned, other sites are taking part in this competition on other days an you can find them all listed here:

http://tools-for-thought.com - Tools for Thought 15-Apr 19-Apr
http://www.chipchick.com - ChipChick 16-Apr 20-Apr
http://vivirlatino.com - VivirLatino 17-Apr 21-Apr
http://www.slashgear.com 18-Apr 22-Apr
http://www.modaco.com - www.modaco.com 19-Apr 23-Apr
http://www.gadgetell.com - Gadgetell 20-Apr 24-Apr
http://geeksroom.com - GeeksRoom 21-Apr 25-Apr
http://osnn.net - OSNN 22-Apr 26-Apr
http://techmamas.typepad.com - Techmamas 23-Apr 27-Apr
http://www.clintonfitch.com - Clintonfitch 24-Apr 28-Apr
http://www.justanothermobilemonday.com -Justanothermobilemonday 25-Apr 29-Apr
http://geek.com - Geek.com 26-Apr 30-Apr
http://mediablab.com - MediaBlab 27-Apr 01-May
http://www.smartphonethoughts.com -Smartphonethoughts 28-Apr 02-May
http://www.mobilityminded.com - Mobilityminded 29-Apr 03-May
http://the-gadgeteer.com - The Gadgeteer 30-Apr 04-May
http://geekzone.co.nz - Geekzone 01-May 05-May
http://www.techiediva.com - Techie Diva 02-May 06-May
http://www.bostonpocketpc.com - Bostonpocketpc 03-May 07-May
http://www.geardiary.com - GearDiary 04-May 08-May
http://mobilitysite.com - MobilitySite 05-May 09-May
http://absolutevista.com - AbsoluteWindows 06-May 10-May
http://www.mobilejaw.com - Mobilejaw 07-May 11-May
http://www.experiencemobility.com - Experiencemobility 08-May 12-May
http://hackcollege.com - HackCollege 09-May 13-May
http://gearlive.com - Gear Live 10-May 14-May

For more information about the device you can check their device microsite here:
http://www.pantechmatrixpro.com/ as well as information on the AT&T package here:
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Damn, just renewed my helio contract and got on ocean 2 :x. oh well cant beat 35/mo for unlimited data


PrOuD InDiAn

Good luck all ya guys...:nervous: lookin forward for the contest rulzz now...:)

Jewelzz ... u rock man!


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this looks like a goood one .. I am in ! :)

I would probably give this one to my wife and get me an iPhone :)


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Thanks for posting this EP. I have a client migration at work and don't have time to breath let alone post anything.


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Whelp, here we go with the people joining and just spamming to get into the contest .. YEah! :p
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