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finding out my MODEMS ip address?


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are there any software, dos commands or anything that can help me find the IP adress of my modem, by this i dont mean the IP assigned to me by my ISP(NTL:HOME) i want the actual modems IP.

any help appreciated


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The brand of modem would help but normal IPs are,,,, or


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open command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes. you will see all you need right there.


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the brand of the modem is:
Ambit EuroDOCSIS Cable Modem 60549EU HW_Rev:1.9, SW_Rev:2.40.3225

@ above... using that command tells you information about your connection and assigned IP's it does not have anything in their to do with the modem itsself thanx anyway
are you looking for the external IP address?

If you want to know your external IP address this will show you

Read post properly this time, that kind of information should be in the manual, but as j79zlr said it should be one of those
and as Henyman says below me the Support Options part should tell you your Gateway IP address which would be the modem/router


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its definetly not in ipconfig.. i have a motorola cable modem and it has an IP that some engineers and advanced users can use to config your modem... if this is accessed on any other modem than motorola then it wont let them on it. but now i got this new flat ntl modem and i need to know its IP so i can enter the config files.


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i need access to my modem log files and the ability to change the frequencies and gather some .cm file info. non of this can really be done unless i know this, its used for the cable modem engineers but can be edited by an end-user with enough experience.

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