finals over


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my fionlas are over i celbrtaed by going out with frineds i have had 7 shots of 151. now its mopvie trime. have a great day very oine
lucky, i have my finals starting this monday.... but it's gonna be easy i only have easy courses, c programming, intro to windows, intro to unix..... english :(..... and thenn offf to montreal
i don't have finals until 20th and 21st but i have a presentation in ap bio tomorrow and im so effing nervoussss :( and english term paper due moonday bahhhh


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#7 exams are coming up after winter break. I know my am studies exam is either gonna make me pass or fail the class. I need an 82% this marking period to pass the semester since i failed the first marking period really bad cause i thought we could only retake the test once but we can do it as many times within 3 days of each other.


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sraycoz said:
my fionlas are over i celbrtaed by going out with frineds i have had 7 shots of 151. now its mopvie trime. have a great day very oine

i have 5 exams starting next week.. monday to friday.
im thinking of taking it out on my liver too


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christmas break is gonna be drunk fest. I got drunk last christmas and new years eve and 3 different times during the same month on school nights. :)


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yeah my midterms aren't until january 4th... and 151, that stuff is INTENSE. one time at this poker game at my house, my friend took a double shot of 151, it was crazy.
WolfShade said:
We can only hope!
Heh, I'm just glad I'm finishing the last EE class I ever have to take in the next 7 days.
Absolutely the worst, most boring set of classes I have ever had to take, hands down. Ugh...


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theres this stuff... it comes from quebec...94% by volume.
so.. 188 proof. if im not mistaken that is just about the theoretical limit to alcohol terms of economically feasible distilling techniques.

titlebitties... so we should expect your drunken forum posts come this holiday season. lol

too funny.

ps. the best way to beat a hangover... gatorade.


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moonshine, 200% pure grain, the smell will get ya, but if you are manly enough, there is always the Gorilla fart.

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