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Well, the wait is over,

BT released a service in october last year that enables people to register their interest in getting broadband enabled on their exchange,

My exchange was set at a 200 person target, when reached, the exchange would be digitally enabled,

It reached its target late November last year, they said that the exchange would be enabled on the 28th March 2003 I was like :confused: :rolleyes: :eek: like a 4, 5 month wait :eek:

I couldn't believe all the work I had put into trying to get my exchange enabled, to get rid of this damn 64k ISDN, but finally the day has arrived! :D 28th last friday, my broadband is ordered for this friday, the earliest they can take orders for!!!!

so if all goes well I will be having meself my nice 512k down 256k up W000000T!!!!

Anyways, just thought I should share,



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Ooooooh I Can't wait!,

My router is showing the speed already, the line is almost fully activated, it says 576 Down and 288 Up :eek: Woohoo Can't wait till friday! :p :p



I may actually be insane.
Our exchange is scheduled to be upgraded on June 4th, but as its BT doing the upgrading, I'm not going to hold my breath :p
The day when I'm sat on a 500k+ connection, then I'll be bothered, but until then, I just dont trust BT ;)

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