Finally !!!

what I'm saying is you can't hook up any computers on a microfilter, didn't you get some instructions with that thing?

I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but your dsl modem will come with instructions from the broadband place you get your service from. I suggest you read the instructions, then re-read the instructions, and then re-re-read the instructions.

Microfilters go between Phone and Phone Plug in wall. Computer goes to either DSL Modem or Router/Switch. If more than one Computer in room... Still goes to Router/Switch. Look back at illustration I posted.

Microfilters are only for Phone and/or Answering Machines to avoid problems with data transfer.

DO NOT put Microfilter on the line that goes to DSL Modem or Computer or Router/Switch.
Microfilters are used to seperate the frequencies of the internet and the phone, so do I need some microfilters ?
YES! One per phone or answering machine or combination thereof.
Lets put the record straight in uk it is not ADSL or IDSL if you are with NTL or TELEWEST it is broadband through your tv-coax cable not a phone line and TELEWSEST were £25 for 512k which had 64k downloads now i upograded to 1024k(meg)for £35 and get 128k downloads.
Yes sometime i got crazy higher speeds than normal speed with both 512k and 1024k.
Remember your max download is always your actual modem speed divided by 8 as in 56k can get 7k download if v92 modem on a good day 512 can do 64k and 1024k can do 128k.
I am not with either, I am with fairADSL, a proper ADSL company, not TV one !!!

And I finally ordered it, it should come with in max 2 weeks !

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