Finally !!!

All these speeds are making me dizzy, how did Piett get over 8mbit !
He isn't, mate ... he said it wasn't real. Meaning that either it tested through a proxy, or he just plain doctored the pic.

It's not that far-out, though -- OOL, a provider here in the states, offers 6Mbps cable service for fairly cheap. That's about the best you're gonna do without a fibre connection.
If it were offered here in Nashville, I would physically wet myself and cry for about a half-hour, then lose everything I hold dear for being tethered to a PC for days on end, downloading huge files I couldn't possibly ever need.
Internet Speed

I live in Eastern Canada and all my buddies and I have cable. We all average between 300 - 450k/s d/l speeds, offen getting much faster speeds from good servers. I have in the past d/l' ed a file at 1.3 megs/sec, however this is not the norm. For the people who get slower speeds ( 20 - 30 k/s dl) do you live in large urban areas? I guess better internet is one benefit of living in an area that is not very populated when compared to the rest of the industrialized world. Anyway just my two cents, and keep on supporting XP-erience - keep up the good work folks. ;)
TRUST ME, if I had a chance of getting even 1Mbit or over for £23 a month, I WOULD NOT THINK TWICE !!!
Originally posted by ZAnwar
All these speeds are making me dizzy, how did Piett get over 8mbit !

He hit the back button instead of taking a new test
I changed my mind, I am not going with Nildram, what a rip off !

I am going with NTL !!!

NTL are quite cheap aswell !!!

It is worth me cancelling my BT line !
Originally posted by ZAnwar
How did you get that Piett ???

8Mbit !!!!!

actualy i hit refresh, because the only thing that loaded was the top bar of the page, and when i did i got that. probably similar to the 16MB one
I'm considering upgrading to "broadband" from my very slow 56k connection, however here in the UK there appear to be only three ways to go, cable modems using NTL or Telewest or ADSL using British Telecom. No-one has mentioned "contention" as a factor (that's how many users are using your local node). I've been lead to beleive that for each user logged on a fifty percent reduction in the node bandwith per user can be expected if they all try to download a 20 Mb file simultaniously.

Contention ratios of 20:1 could reduce the bandwith to less than a modem at high usage time is this true?

Some of our cable companies suggest that they manage and monitor all thier local nodes constantly therby guaranteeing that contention is not an issue as resources can be re-allocated dynamically. I’d like to know how they do this when the maximum users per node are all on-ine using the same cable?

Also if you use ADSL along copper wire (local loop) the connection speed from your computer to the local telephone exchange will be at the slowest speed of the phisical properties of the wires used. It seems to me that poor cabling in the dweling could cost you dear at time of high usage.
Well I would certainly have a ADSL line installed accept for the fact my telephone lines here are still on TOTEM POLES!

But I had to settle for an ISDN line lol how pants.

The Sattellite connections cost a bomb, but my uncles mate is starting a company called WAN and will be installing satellite for £100 installation then £30 a month that is with 1mbit d/l and 512 u/l

I've heard nothing but horrid things about BT's ADSL service. Reeks of overselling and downtime.
I'm living in the north/west of The Netherlands...i have Cable around the 55 kb/sec it can be faster but because of the monopoly-position of the cable compagny here the arent pumping the speed up. I have to live with it... :(

Its very hard but i will survive...(hopefully)

Its still the fastes internet connection here in the Netherlands...(Den Helder).

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