Finally !!!

i wish i had it too :D
i doubt many ppl in england will have it dude, but it will be intresting to see who does ;) i know the local LAN center has a 2mb ADSL line and a wireless LAN connected to it. and they are only on the other side of the road from my house :D,
look on here and goto the compair prices page, i have told u b4. 2meg is going to be roughly 4 times more than a normal one.
ZAnwar - you'll love the 512k connection.

I moved house recently & got a cable modem from NTL straight away in the new flat. I'm only paying for the 128k service (roughly £25 per month, but that includes line rental on the cable telephone too), although they do offer faster packages at higher prices. (NTL lend you a cable modem for free by-the-way, and you can connect it via USB or ethernet). The only thing about NTL is that I think they're so overstretched for cash at the moment that they only seem to employ about 3 people in their call centres - expect ages on hold listening to elevator musak if you need to ring them!!!

I think many of us will always crave more bandwith than we have (and more RAM, higher clockspeeds etc. etc..!) - but after hobbling along on dial-up, you'll really notice the difference with a faster, always-on connection.

i am downloading a 421 MB file right now at 59.0 kbps

I have a Shaw High SPeed internet connection. They clain I can get speeds 100 times faster than a 28.8 KB modem!

Which translates to about 3 MB hehe I get 500 KB/s from a good server :D
EP, is that your gal in your sig??? SHEEEEEEE-IT!!! Nice, dude....:D
Originally posted by o_87
I have a Shaw High Speed internet connection. They clain I can get speeds 100 times faster than a 28.8 KB modem!

Which translates to about 3 MB hehe I get 500 KB/s from a good server :D

Same city, same service :)
Definatly worth it. mmmm downloads so sweet
Canada's probably the best for Internet services.

Might move there 2nite :D
Flipping Hell, even getting 512k, I am still ashamed of my speed !!!
What site are you using to benchmark you speed shoulin? i don't think that i have seen it before.
I would ask that question to Jdstuhler ???

4Mbit, FU***NG HELL !!!

i think that this messed up a little, but i sooo want it to be real :)
Don't listen to them ... 512Kb is good broadband, especially in the UK. Be lucky to have it, and pity the poor buggers still struggling with dial-up. We Americans patting our unlimited megabit and higher connections may not be doing so for much longer -- US ISPs are overselling, capping, and tiering left and right these days.

When @Home folded, I went from a 3Mb+ connection to a 1.5Mb connection overnight. I can definitely tell the difference, but I'm not losing any sleep over it. Where I hope to be relocating soon (out in rural Australia), I'll likely wind up paying the equivalent of US$50/mo for 256Kb of metered ADSL. Ugh.

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