Finally !!!

ah well, I will see when I get it. I will order it tonight !
yeah go for the 512 if it is noticibely better than your snail paced dial-up :)

on a related topic

EP... is prodigy out with the new album yet mate?
ZAnwar - where abouts in Uk are u ?

23 pounds... i'm guessing Blue Yonder... DONT GO THERE!!! its crap... unless your in a good area...

firstly slow connection... and then you end up with crap support :(

if you want broadband go with BT Openworld... they r0x0r :)

also... T1 - i;ve heard its good with Blue Younder... not many ppl on it yet... just come out... sounds like a good deal - i might grab it :) - but then again theres the crap support.. never a win-win situation :-/

cable here at least 250k when im on a good site/server and i think i pay $32 u.s. so yeah thats right!!! uh uh woot woot! lol
sorry lost it there
This link is pretty good for some facts and figures;

My Adsl is with pipex- downloads at 50-60k, they swap your old dial-up modem for a dsl one and pay the fifty odd quid connection charge. After 2 months no prob's so far- does what it says on the tin:cool:
I suppose now wouldn't be the right time to brag on my cable connection??

Oh well...
MDSalih, I Live in Aylesbury !!!

And wufong, that is a great deal, how much you pay a month for it ???
dont go wiht pipex , check out
and read up on all the problems pipex have and are still having,
i know they are cheep but go wiht btopenworld insted
but its your choice but personaly i wouldent recoment pipex to anyone.
Does anybody know of some cheap ADSL providers, I want to know for my own reference !
Originally posted by catch23
512k isn't as fast as you think it is...

Maybe not in the US, where high speed connections are commonplace, but we're finally catching up this side of the pond. I was originally on the Broadband 512k connection by Telewest and typically got 50 - 60kb/s, I've just upgraded to the 1mb link and are getting downloads starting at 520kb and levelling out between 120kb and 140k, all for £34 a month (about $53). It varies on download location obviously, but the lowest I've had so far is an acceptable 55kb.

All this is pale in comparison, when I've got access to a 20MB link at work and can bypass the firewalls!

On-line gaming has never been so good!! Sick of all the goddamn lag!! :mad:
Zeeshan Anwar.......

Plus net and pipex are the cheapest for ADSL in the uk
to see if there are other ISPs that are cheaper goto this site
*kisses his OC12 at school*

sweet sweet nectar
:( yeah i should have 1.5m cable connect. but since my isp decided to go w/ crap servers i only get about 500-700k, but it is the lowest price service running(cable) @ $30usd so i cant beat that. but with my connect. i get lowest 50k d/l and sometimes i get 100-200k (of course that is only in the mornings when no one is up). but hopefully this fall they said that they should be w/ all new servers, and ill be right back @ 1.5:D cant wait
512k is quite fast, not as fast as 1.5Mbit or 2Mbit, but it is fast !!!!!
i am connected at 100mbps
My isp didnt capp my download speed where i usually get 10mbps due to a lot of users on network. My upload speed is capped to a very low 128kbps
also i am looking for any australian isp with adsl or cable conection that has unlimited downloads and uploads
i am stuck with 3gb/month included in upload :(
I wish I could get half the speeds a lot of people here are getting.

In the Philippines where I am, I have a "broadband?" 256k DSL connection and am lucky to get 190kbps and about 40kbps u/l on a good day. Downloading anything of the net can be between 10Kb to 25Kb tops. The rate for this lousy service is $56US.

I was connected to a cable ISP here as well once, but their speeds were just a slow if not slower.

This is broadband internet Philippine style, and it is a waste of time complaining to the companies because they just dont care and know not even the Government will touch them.
let me guess "Zanwar" has got a 2meg ADSL line now lol
well 2meg dsl is very expensive, so not many ppl will have it

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