Finally !!!



Finally I am getting DSL (512k) quite cheap aswell, £23 or 1Mbit for £40 but I went for the £23 one !!!!!

YES !!!!!!!
Hey ZAnwar, go for the 1Mbit for £40 line. Yeah I know it costs more, but you're gonna be disapointed with the 512k line. Trust me :D
I can't afford £40 a month !
( I am 14 years old so I ain't gonna pay for it anyway !!! )
Remember distance is key. How close is yer Uncle to Company in relation to the distance you are to them?
Originally posted by ZAnwar
I can't afford £40 a month !
( I am 14 years old so I ain't gonna pay for it anyway !!! )

Sounds like yer gonna need ta wash more Cars. :p :p
We both live in Aylesbury, my uncle uses NTL but I will use Nildram which is about 1/2 a mile away from me. ( In the same town ! )
Originally posted by catch23
512k isn't as fast as you think it is...

Naturally being postitive :p
I have downloaded at 60kb/sec on 512

And if you are only downloading at 50kb/sec that gives you the rest of your available bandwidth to surf...
Cut it out you lot. grumble grumble dialup grumble grumble :mad: :mad: Anything is better than dialup. :mad: :mad:
Thats why I am grumbling :D
I am used to downloading things at 4.4kb/s
I take it all back. Just went to update AVG & it was coming in at 1.1kb/s. Cancelled the download & I'm off to bed. grumble grumble :mad: :mad:
I don't know what people are moaning about, from what I have seen, 512k is excellent !!!!!!!
hey zanwar, 512 is great. at least games are actually playable now! :D :D mmmm... counter strike...

and i get downloads of 80kb/s quite often. 60 is about normal for me. which is bloody fast frankly, compared to a 'normal' 56k dial up.
downloads will be no more than 60 kbs on a 512 line,
but enjoy your new connection who ever your ISP is :D
ADSL isent allways as good as ppl make it out to be, jsut wate until you start having problems. lol
if you need more info on ADSL goto and select your isp forum there.
surge, you saying that 60Kbs is not good !!!!!!!

WHOA, you must have 5MBit then ! :)
no iam not saying that at all , its jsut that ADSL in the uk is not all what every one expect its to be, some times there are lots of problems with it becasue all the ISPs are money Grabbing fat cats and only care about how many ppl they can take money from and dont care about the serviace they provided
and yeah i wish i did have a 5mg sec connection

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