Finally a decent, affordable digital camera


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25 Jan 2003
Cannon A530, 5 megapixel. Finally a digital camera that is worth having. Exposure and colors are very good. Highlights are not washed out as badly as they were on older cameras. Almost instant ON, minimal delay when snapping a shot. Lots of high end setting options. My 4th digital and I'm finally pleased with the purchase. :) If you are a serious amature go for the A540, it has more exposure controls and add on lens attachments.

Why didn't they use 4 AA instead of just 2? Stupid mistake and everyone is doing it.

Cost -
Typically $150. Available at Circuit City for $127-133 (it's varied over the last few weeks) Internet price with in store pickup available.

Admiral Michael

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19 Feb 2003
For today of all days my digital camera decides to die on me. The LCD and everything works but the image it either black or jumping lines. It's a Powershot A75. I;m going to see how much it will cost to fix, if its too much I may look into something like the A540. I was very happy with my camera, only thing I wasn't too fussy about was the delay between shots.

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