Finalize a CD-RW?



In order to play a disc on my MP3 player, the disc needs to be closed. Is it possible to finalize a CD-RW using XP's built-in cd-burning utility, or will I have to go with some third-party software?
Why are you trying to finalise a CD/RW, tou would normally only want to finalise a CDR. Also, will an MP3 Player read a CDRW ?
I answered both of those questions in my original post. Please only reply if you have an answer to my question. Thanks.
Well sorry for trying to help.

the pint I'm trying to make is CDRW's use UDF software and as far as I know Cannot be finalised.
yeah it can...u can use it just like a normal cd which can be erased and reused over and over and over again...but I've never used the built in CD-r software in xp, so I cant help you, sorry..
I'm not positive about this....but if you burn it like a normal cd in nero you can then probably do it....but as far as I know there is no true finalize option for CD-RW as finalize means completely ending the session and being unable to start a new one. that and reflectivity are the main reasons why some car and home stereo's can't play cd-rw
Qumahlin nailed it on the head. CD-RWs cannot be finalized like a CD-R. However, there are a few portable CD players that can play CD-RWs now, thus allowing you to burn a mix album or whatever, then at a later time you can erase it and do another one.

I've never used a portable MP3 player, however, why would it require a finalized CD? That's kind of backward to me. If you can upload to the player .mp3 files and it can play it, why can't it just read the CD the same way?
it's prob not a mp3 player per se..., it's just one of the newer cd walkmans that has a decoder chip for mp3's in it, it needs to cd to be finalized just as if it was a normal cd, my friend has the same thing :)
actually, CD-RWs CAN be finalized exactly like CD-r's...EXACTLY...I dont just mean closing the session or the track, I mean finalizing the cd and allowing "no more writing possible" to the cd...even after finalizing, u can still erase the cd(I've never tested quick erase of the TOC)and use it over and over and over again....

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