Final Fantasy X-2

Well what do you all think. I really didn't like the game until i got about 10hrs into it. Now I'm about 20hrs into it and in the last chapter. I wish square wouldn't have focused so much on the dresshperes and focused more on equipment. My characters are all upper 30 lvls and still barely have 2k hp depending on what I use them as.

So far I'd say its a decent game that isn't near long enough, which makes me wish i would have waited on the price to drop before I bought it.


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Still finishing FFX, and will probably get FFX-2 when it hits the $19.99 "Greatest Hits" (I have too many other games to finish first!) My one major criticism of FFX, though, was that it was way too slow in starting. I spent the first 10 hours watching endless cinematics and walking five steps to the next cinematic.

I am looking forward to FFXII, though. :p


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I had FF7 and FF8 for the PC but I never owned a playstation or playstation 2 so I never got to play any of the newer games :(

I hear d a rummour they were going to port 9, 10 and 10-2 tho, anything on that?


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If Square were to port FF9, I reckon they would have done so by now... since it is quite an old title. But you never know... I guess. :p
Hope they do.


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I was disappointed with FFX-2. It was inferior to FFX in every way (except maybe graphics).

But that being said, it's still a pretty decent game. The ending pissed me off, though. I won't say how, because I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't played it yet.
thanks for not spoiling it for us.

i'm guessing i'll have it finished by the end of the week. Oh and how long did it take you to finish and what lvls were you?


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I don't really remember. I know I was above level 50. The final bosses were pretty easy at the levels I was at, though.

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