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Final Fantasy 7 & 8

Funny you should ask about that. I just dusted FF7 off and decided to play it again (never finished it the first time) a few days ago. So far, Ive only had one issue: The part when the party ends up in the "prison" and Cloud has to race in the Chocobo races to leave. For some reason, just before he actually races, the game develops an error and quits. What i did was copy the save file to floppy, install the game on my kids' Win98 PC, then use the save file to continue, and then saved it back to floppy, and back to my PC. Quite a pain!
But it does work for the most part. You may not have the same issue as I did, I'm not even sure what the error relates to. I know nothing about how FF8 works, but the demo does.


I have a question for FF8(pc version) in general for all windows...is there a way to quit inside the game that I'm just too blind to see or are u supposed to hit alt+F4?

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There was a patch released for Final Fantasy VII, it was ages ago, but may fix this particular crash !?!
There have also been a few patches for FFVIII


I went to the squaresoft site and the only thing they have in the site is game manuals...kinda odd...and I saw the flash thing at the side, did anyone notice that someone in FFX looks a lot lot lot lot like Rinoa?


Final Fantasy 8

Quitting - only way to do it is to press Alt+F4

Running - I've got a geforce 2 mx400 w 64MB, downloaded the latest nVidia drivers (23.12) and stuck them on. Screen became garbled. So I reverted back to the standard drivers that microsoft provided, and they let the game work fine!!

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Yes at the point you enter the race it quits I tried all the work arounds they mentioned on the website like copy all the movies to the harddrive and edit the reg to read them from harddrive and not cd but nothing worked so I am stuck at that point also I will try and figure it out if I do I will post .... please do the same if someone finds a way around this ...... and for now guess I will bother the guy next door and use his win98 and do the floppy save trick thanks guys:cool:


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I completed FF7,8 and 9, they are all amazing, also have SE of the film from US.

FF7 has to be the best...., no wait 8 was....no errrr 7 .... 8....7.....:p


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Re: Final Fantasy 8

Originally posted by ttandka
downloaded the latest nVidia drivers (23.12) and stuck them on
Errr when the latest nVIDIA drivers are 23.11 thats hard to belive, I wish people would stop using BETAs and then wonder why they dont work! :eek:


My sister plays FF7 and 8 for PC in XP and they work fine with one exception in FF7. Whenever you try to enter a chocobo race the game crashes with a ff7.exe error. She was ready to kill me, as you need to race to breed and get the Gold chocobo to get Knights of The Round. She has some friends with ff7 so she just races on their computers when she needs to. I've tried the paches and they had no effect on this problem. If anybody knows how to fix this please tell me and help me keep my sister from making my life shorter.

I had the same problem on my system as well. I think its just an issue with whatever happens when you enter the race (openGL issue possibly ???). Its a pain in the @$$ but carrying the save file to a win98 system seems to be the only fix.

OR, you could cheat and get the trainer. Just add the gold chocobo to your profile. If that is an option for you just head over here: http://www.xcheater.com/show.php?cat=pc&gid=1119 and download the character editor. :)


Thanks for the cheat. I think my sister will race it anyway just to make sure she can do it but at least now I have a way to get her the gold chocobo as she wants Knights of The Round more then racing chocobos.

Thanks aggain

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