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filesharing question


i know this has prolly been asked 10000x and its been so long since i have done it i can't remember.. I am on the network, one of my boxes names
"computer1" and "server" i am trying to connect from the server to computer1. i have set sharing up on the C drive. Now from here is where i am confused.. would i do this? or http://computer1/$ or http://computer1/C$

i have tried them all and none work why i feel like i am doing something wrong
when i do them it says connection was refused and i know there is no firewall up..


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Sounds to me like you're trying to do simple file-sharing, but attempting to connect via the web browser. With the right setup, this could work, but I'm sure that's not what you really want. Just make sure both machines have the same workgroup names and connect via My Network Places or Network Neighborhood depending on the OS. BTW, I think you may have trouble if one PC is Win95 and one is Server 2003.
That would work only if you had an HTTP server listening on port 80 on the target machine.

Instead of you need to enter \\\ (notice the lack of http:// and the use of backslashes) to access the shared drives/folders.
If you do want an easy way to share over the WWW, you can use Minishare. It's a minimal HTTP server that allows you to share files like a webpage, to anyone in the world. All they need to know is your IP address. It works over the local area network and over the web.

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