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Filesharing Permissions in XP


To whom it may concern
I have my desktop and my laptop which I have disabled Simple sharing. I want only my laptop and the desktop to be able to change files on either PC. I don't want friends who come over to LAN to be able to del/rename files... just read only. :rolleyes:

Anyways when I get into the permissions and I want to add a user... the only location it shows is the current PC I am on. What do I got to do to make it look for the other PCs on my network.

My main desktop is ZEUS, username kfarris... therefore it is ZEUS\kfarris

I want only my Laptop Hermes\kfarris to be able to access the share on ZEUS.

If I am babbling just let me know, but can anyone help :D


OSNN Junior Addict
put both machine in the same workgroup

in the share permissions on the shared folder, set the user kfarris to have full control, and set everyone to have read only


To whom it may concern
That is the problem... it won't let me add ZEUS\kfarris or HERMES\kfarris

It doesn't see the other machines in the sharing config or whatever you want to call it.. yet they are both on the same workgroup and I can see the shares :confused:


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Use NTFS security permissions, do not do this with share permissions. The same workgroup is not necessary and has nothing to do with permissions, you have to do this per user, not per machine. You would need a more complex setup to do that.

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