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file won't delete


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i downloaded the evil genius demo (really fun) and the first attempt was a bad file. i tried to delete it but windows won't let me. it says it is being used by another program when it's not. how can i find out what is using it and how can i delete it?

Open Notepad, All Files, Go To The File you wana get Rid Of, Select it, Delete it

Done :)

Always Works, No need to Install programs when theres really no need lol
1-open the task manager
2-open cmd (go to run and type "cmd")
with task manager close "explorer.exe"
in the cmd window type
del [name of your file]

you need to browse the location of your file for exaple if it's in your C: drive type
cd C and hit enter

cd command is used to brosw locations on the same drive

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