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hey guys i have a friend that has a file that i need to get from him and the file transfer in msn messenger isnt working. ive tried terapod extension for msn but still. is there any program that will let me connect to him directly ( no kazaa, etc) and will be able to resume if disconnected? yes i know ftp but thats the last resort. i guess i will have to setup an ftp on his pc.:confused:


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i know

duh file transport protocol is ftp.:blink: thats what i think im ganna have to look at i already know how to do that but my friend isnt very computer savy and my remote assistance isnt working so i cant do i for him!


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no u dont undrestand

noooo! hahahaha a he has the file i want, so i would have to guide him through it! hahaha, ohh well thats what ill do.:)


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There is a HTTP server program that I used called "Sambar Server 4.6" that will do exactly what your want without FTP. This program can use HTTP or FTP protocol. It's not very fast but works fine. Do a search on google. I did transfer a McCartney album to canada using this, but it took quite awhile (that was 530mb's). It's worth a try!


Have him burn it and mail it. You talked about getting disconnected, so you are on dial up (mabey). It probably would be just as fast by mail or driving. Just my 2cents;)

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im pretty certain that msn has a limit of around 20mb and just gives you a message that its failed i know cuz i was giving a game demo to my mate but it makes sense for msn to do this cuz im sure that the file transfers through them

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