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[Problem] File Size Attachment

Seems there is a problem with the file size at a max of 39.1 KB. My avatar is larger than that. Anything larger is rejected.
Well as a supermod you should be able to upload as much as you like.
Having a prob uploading this avatar


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Electronic Punk said:
Well as a supermod you should be able to upload as much as you like.
We can?!? Won't take mine cause it is bigger then what's allowed
at the time, I thought PK mean't attachments, not avatars.
Ok, I have found the relevent section in the most obscure place and will update it shortly. Gonna give a generous 1 meg for each attachment.
He probably was but I'm not seeing straight atm ... I'm sure you're not either :p
Hell no!

Anyway the attachment allowances have been upped!
You can view what I hope is what the board agrees they are in the image attached below!
EP it wasnt me who was having the problem. I was just trying to let others know that there seemed to be a problem with attachments. :D
Think it's safe to say this problem has been resolved.

/me adds fixed tag


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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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