File Sharing Programs?


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20 Jan 2004
Anyone here can recomend me a good one? I have tried to go back to kazza but the site says it isn't free anymore.

I have been using Bit Torrent but wanted something else to go with it.

Someone told me of Kazza Lite Ressurection, anyone here can explain to me where I could get that?
Kazaalite is still available. Do a google search (you have to dig deep), or just get someone you know that uses it to send it to you.

Other than that, it really depends what you are looking for, specifically.
I use WinMX. I use to use KazaaLite until their network started to suck, and all the sites started to dissapear.
I use BT for the most part now, but Emule/Edonkey is a great filesharing network.
I use mostly bittorent, and irc - As well as Private ftps. I never use winmx (it's bug house) and only use kazaa when I have to, mostly because of all the fakes on it. I don't like the edonkey network, it never works: Gnutella network is the same as edonkey, but it sux more..

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