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File-sharing booming, OMG!


- geek -
I hate when sites do this .. just show me the damn page and not worrry about my browser ...
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Electronic Punk

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I think they should reduce the price of cocaine. Have a little price war.
It's all good for the non-tax paying consumer.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Lee said:
I read today a story in the newspaper that the amount of pirated DVD's out there is more profitable than selling cocaine.
For the common drug dealer/ dvd-faker-guy maybe, not for some drug lord.


Stand-on-me I do read the Sun, sometimes I get past page 3 I did today and saw the report. I blame my GF for buying such trashy tabloids, if it's not printed at osnn.net it's not really that trustworthy ;)

Electronic Punk

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April fools day articles are already going thru my head... got a few things lined up now I have a little time to consider it.
Unwonted said:
That hurts Mozilla's cause because server stats will show that less people use it.
Yeah but also harder for sites to exploit a browser if they don't know what it is .. and what else would people use? :p

Electronic Punk

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That most people use it and that I have to use every browser ever, at every resolution ever to make sure this bloody site works on em all.
Cept webtv, that just takes the piss.

Electronic Punk

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they had it in the hotel in the states, was gutted cos there is surfing the net with windows 95, then below that is 640x480 webtv.

Fortunately my centrino picked up a scent.

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