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File Partition Help


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I'm trying to install Ubuntu one more time on my laptop. The problem is this...
I bought a new hard drive and decided to install Windows XP and Ubuntu except... I purposely at first left roughly 50GB of unpartitioned space for Ubuntu. It seems that no matter what option I choose, it wants to install and format the entire hard drive. It is rather annoying. I even tried going back on XP and making a formatted space to see if that would work, but it doesn't. So I need the next best help.

the file size it shows for that remainder that is supposed to be Ubuntu is 52666 MB. I know I need for a root and swap, but I'm pretty sure there is something else I need.

Give me help please.


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I know, but I mean I don't know how much needs to be allocated in what formats. Like what needs ext3, what needs ext2, how much is needed on Swap, etc.


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Swap should be 2x ram, the rest can be allocated for / as ext3. You don't need an exotic partitioning scheme.


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Ok, so let me get this straight... (And correct me as I just recenly read something...
with my memory being 2GB...
4GB Swap
40GB /
6GB /data <---- I don't know about this one but I read something about it that it is optional but would be a reccomended?


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You don't need /data. It is not even recommended. It makes it easier to re-install from scratch without losing data.

swap is swap, and / is ext3.


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Cool. Well hope my luck changes. Now Onto another question. I'll post it as a new topic as it doesn't fall under this topic.

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