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File - Open - Last Location Change


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What I'm looking to do is change the default opening container when someone goes through ANY application, and goes to File, Open.

By default on most machines I have tested, it points to the My Documents folder associated with the logged in user.

I've searched a bit, but don't think I have the right syntax. Anyone know how to do this change?


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This is really more application specific.. I don't think there is a global place where you can change the default document location of every application across the board.

for example, you could change the default document location of word 2003 from within the "tools/options/file locations" tab but that doesn't impact the file location for Excel and/or notepad, or Wordpad, etc..

Why are you trying to accomplish this?

You can change the location of the My Documents folder to point to a different folder (instead of the docs and settings, you can point it to c:\documents.. or a network share). You can use policies and use folder redirection to redirect the my documents folder to a network share..


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I do have the My Documents folder re-directed to sync with a network share, and I try to force people to save things there.

I have a test OU that has a bunch of whiny users in it (lucky me) and one person raised the idea of wanting to have that option.

I'm just tinkering around with it, if I come across anything I'll post back :)

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