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File name input


I'm sorry Hal...
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Ok, so I want to get the path to a file and send it to the server

I thought I could used the input type="file" thing because that automatically puts the little browse button on the page, which is neat.


That method sends the whole file to the server and I just want the path and filename.

So I want the browse button, which pops open a file selection window but not actual send the file

It seems simple to do, but I'm drawing a blank (except possibly with javascript), anyone?
Just one question. What good would the filename and path be to the server? Or are you doing some kind of playlist generator or something similar?

I'm not sure if Javascript could do this at all, I don't think it has access to the file system.
I've got an idea... Not sure if it'll work at all, but:

You use a regular file input in, say, form1. The the submit button doesn't submit, but rather starts a Javascript function which reads the file name from the file input (if this is possible, never tried), writes it into a hidden input in form2, and then submits form2. Sounds doable?


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Khayman said:
I've already tried that. I don't like it, isn't very cross browser friendly.

All browsers should be able to support it, other than the older ones, plus it is the only way one can do it. It is IMHO the best solution for now.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Think i've got it sorted now. Originaly I was using a slight variation which was using a method which only works in IE, but is ok now

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