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File Backup Software



I backup some important files periodically such as MP3 and documents to CD but the problem is on the next backup, I only want to burn the newer files to the CD. I'm looking for software which can help me to do this task and eliminate the need to burn all the files [old and new] again each time.


iomega used to have a "1step backup" that did just that. I don't think it's available from them anymore. but, if you can find someone that has an old zip/jaz drive, they may still have the program on installation disk.


I don't know if I am missing something here or not - if I understand correctly - you want to do an incremental backup (after you have done the initial full backup). I do this on a regular basis using NERO and it's multisession function.

I'll dig around for a refernce within NERO - something I did initially was a search on Google for incremental backup!


Does this sound like what you want to do?? Bearing in mind this done with a cd-r, not a cd-rw as gonaads pointed out! <NERO Burning Rom and NERO InCD are two different programs>

From NERO Burning ROM Help:

Multisession CDs are advisable, say, when making a weekly Backup of a number of folders on a CD.

When an ISO compilation is created the required folder is written to the CD in every new session. Since only a few files may have changed, writing the entire folder again would have the following disadvantages:

Burning would take an unnecessarily long time because redundant data are being written each time.
Valuable CD space would be wasted as the same data is copied a number of times.
With a CD-R, data can only be written to a CD but cannot be deleted or changed, so the following procedure is used with Multisession CDs:

Instead of writing the unchanged data again with every session (i.e. every backup procedure), Nero only writes cross-references to a previous CD track which contains the unchanged file. Only the changed files are completely re-written.

By activating the two checkboxes 'Replace files in compilation' and 'Add new files to compilation' in the 'Options' section you will ensure that this actually happens.

Of course when individual sessions are linked to one another there must be some way of ensuring that the tracks (which have a definite connection to an existing CD) are not written to another CD by mistake. This would make all files with references outside the tracks unreadable later on! For this reason Nero checks that the correct CD has been loaded for burning. If it hasn't, then the CD that has been loaded in error is ejected.

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