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19 Jun 2002
Im looking for a file backup program, but it needs to be free and meet a few requirements and i cant seem to find a good one

The requirements:
- must be able to backup to a zip-file
- must accept commandline commands or some other way to schedule it
- must have the ability to exclude certain sub-folders (prefferable folder with a special string in their name are excluded)

hope you guys have better luck.
This the kinda thing you're after sboulema?
It's free, and seems to do the kinda thing you requested..
DFIncBackup is the personal backup program for incremental backup files to zip archives. One archive can contain several root folders from different disk volumes and any subfolder can be tuned separately. You can detect file changes by date and content. You can also enable or disable backing up hidden and open files. Each root folder and tuned subfolder has file masks that control included and excluded file types. File masks can be added by using the included templates or creating your own. The program includes a scheduler that allows you to specify days of the week, month or year to backup your files.

* Incremental backup of files. It saves only changed files to make the backup file size smaller.
* Internal packer using full compatible ZIP files format for archives.
* Split large backup archives into several smaller volumes allows saving to removable disks.
* Internal scheduler.
* Easy archives management: save, restore, remove archives.
* Quick add needed files to project by using templates.
* Templates editor.
* Backup project can contain several root folders.
* Flexible tuning of root folders and sub-folders.
* Easily view selected files list in project editor using folders tree with explorer-like style.
* Log file viewer for easy navigation and search.

Looks like the thing im looking for, but the download link isnt working :(

[edit] seems like all the links on the whole internet to this app are dead :S
The DOS version of winzip may work, it certainly works for your first two points. I think it was called pkzip.
The links do work m8, they're just painfully slow.
I pulled the file down at over 120Kb/s once connected to a mirror.
Their own site takes an age to load. However, if you want m8, I can zip
it, and email it to ya ;)
Alternatively, you could try this list of mirrors
There are some Dutch hosts there too.
The UK London link definitely works, as that's how I got the file.
Hope this helps sboulema, didn't want to send you on a wild goose chase hehe.
Thanks man !!! got it from the dutch mirror. now i can finaly check if it does what i want :D
Erbmaster you da man :D it works perfectly, exactly what i was looking for.

rushm001 said:
... I think it was called pkzip.
it was indeed - ran on many platforms (even a mainframe version!) - no good if you want to backup anywhere unformatted I think (EG DVD media)..

I'm off to start a thead on that subject....

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