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22 Jun 2002
OK... I am looking into buying a Pocket PC with Wireless support. I live in a small town, so there is no WiFi or anything like that, but I would like to use the PDA wireless inside my home. The PDA supports 802.11b. I was wondering what would I have to do to share my connection with the PDA. Right now I have a hardwired home network with a hub. I am a dial-up connection so I have no need for a router or anything. From what I understand, all I would have to do is put another NIC (which would of course be wireless) into my main computer (or the one that connects to the dial-up network) and use ICS to share the connection through the PDA. Is this correct? Is this the proper way to do this, or is there a better, more efficient way. Any information would help!
I would get an Access Point device and plug it into the wired hub. An AP running infrastructure mode will be a lot better then ad-hoc mode with a card because you will have additional features like WEP encryption, MAC Filter, and other security features.

The Linksys WAP11 is a nice 11b Access Point device.

Best way I've found is to plug in a WiFi Access Point into my hub, as JJB said. Is at the front of the house too, so I can use it from upto the road immediately infront of my house, which works out to be pretty good. Can sit in the car and be browsing the net off laptop. Sadly my phone can't connect via WiFi, only bluetooth... and thats a bit too far for bluetooth :(

You could have doen what I did. I used a router for my wireless connection, BUT I am using 2. The Main router has the internet modem and such, the wireless router hooks to that. Basically the wireless router isn't being used for a router but rather a switch and WAP (Wireless Access Point) and I had had no probs.

The reason I used a router is that I put the WAP in my room and I would have nneded a switch anyway, so since a router was actaully cleaper ten a standard AP I just got a wireless router and uplinked it to my main router.

Here's a pic I made to make it more simplier:
Didn't know they made WAP that just plugged up into a hub, that is what I will do because that seems to be the best ways.

Thanks! :)
Yes thats it. I'd shop around too, a WAP11 can be had for a lot less then $70.

JJB6486 said:
Yes thats it. I'd shop around too, a WAP11 can be had for a lot less then $70.


You might have answered this question, but I didn't get it clearly, just plug it into my hub?

I am getting the Wireless G WAP instead of just the plain B also
AccessPoint, I have found the DLink DWL2000AP a good model, and it can also be setup as a repeater to boost the signal should that be needed
Just scored a Linksys WAP11 off ebay for $30... It was used for a week, but like new :)

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