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feel my pain

Perris Calderon

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Took my dad out for a great day today, we went to cedar beach out here in long island.

On saturday night there are car enthusiasts that park their cars...vettes, cobra's, harley davidsons, hudsons..today there was one of 250 production cars built by shelby himself...a gorgous car

they have a free band on the beach and an oyster/margaretta bar...a little bit west is a 9/11 memorial that brings tears to your eyes and really should be seen by everyone in long island at least once

my dad had a great time and I was taking him out to eat before we went home...of course we had to pick up a couple of lottery tickets to commemorate a night like this

I pull up to the sidewalk and as my dad is opening the passenger door some MANIAC rides UP ON THE FRIGGIN SIDEWALK cause he's in a FRIGGIN HURRY and he TAKES OUT MY FRIGGIN DOOR

I haven't had an accident in TWENTY FRIGGIN YEARS damn it...now that I have a car I LOVE some MORON drives ON THE FRIGGIN SIDEWALK to SLAM INTO MY CAR

need a new door and possibly some hinge work
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Yep. I have felt your pain. The same pain I have when I part at the edge of the parking lot at the store and some ****tard has to park next to me and ding my car. Like there is no other space available. There isn't 100 more parking sopts, and you choose the one next to mine, and hit my car.


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Sh!t Perris that's awful! Did you catch the bugger? Sorry to hear about this. I had a similar experience driving home 3 days after Christmas where a guy in a Land Rover Discovery drove onto the wrong side of the road and plowed straight into my car at 40mph, totally writing it off! Still, we weren't too badly hurt which is the main thing.


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Fortunately his car was trashed too so he couldn't really do much! And in an even greater stroke of luck there was a couple in a car behind me who witnessed the whole thing and gave statements agreeing that it wasn't my fault - I can't imagine the headache I'd have had trying to sort the insurance out otherwise, apparently these things usually go down as a 50/50 split! I've got some photos on my home computer of what was left of my car - I'll see if I can dig one out!

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All good still mate?
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