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I used to have a basic pc with windows2000 and i was happy with it. Now i thought i to go up with technology so i aquired PackardBell Imedia 2.00 Gb windows XP cost me over a grand. I am realy disappointed now, it takes a long time to switch on and even longer to swich it off. When it makes error , it ask me do you want to send enquiry about the error, then i say yes, no reply comes to me.
Please can somebody tell me whether i can delete XP Home edition from my pc and install windows 2000. Cheers:(

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Sorry to hear about the issues you have xaz with your new system. You can send error reports to MS but you will never hear back from them. Instead of giving up on XP why not try tweaking it a bit & see how you go. For starters what happens at startup that it takes a long time? :confused:


to star with , my starting time is 2min and 40sec bearing in mind i have norton antivisus and pass word:( Xazy


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Can you list some of the stats of the computer that you are running XP on? such as the processor and the amount of RAM that you have. also, if it is taking 2 minutes and 40 seconds, it sounds like you have more starting up in the background than you think you do. Go to the start menu and then to run. type in "msconfig" (without the quotes) and then click the startup tab. those are all of the programs and services that come up when you enter XP. Some of those services are necessary, others you can probably turn off. If you have a large number of services, go to http://www.blkviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm for a great tutorial about services and which ones you may be able to turn off.


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there is no proper way 2000 ahould load faster then xp, even with no tweaking at all...there are other issues, I would return this box

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my xp pro machine takes bout 40 sec to startup im running nav2002 nis 2002 shutdowns a killer thought at 2 mins but tweaked it to 20 secs. xaz XP is a great os but have to admit it needs a fair bit of tweaking to reach its potential.

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