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I don't know if any of you have seen the new mac os (http://www.apple.com/macosx/) the Panther version. I got to see it in action the other day, and there were some neat new features. I was wondering if any of you knew if someone made them for the PC also.

Some of the features I want to find for the PC are:
Mac's Finder (slides across)
Panther's new "expose"



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GMeagle86, they don't have a Finder for Windows. That's a Macintosh only feature. As far as the other feature, I don't think they have that for Windows either. I hope that answers your question. :)
Well, I was hoping someone knew of a 3rd party developer that created something for windows that was simmliar. Kinda like wat some did with the Dock-(Objectdock, Mobydock etc.)


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Object Dock does a good job of that. You can look on http://www.wincustomize.com for some "skins" for Object Dock. I have used that before, and it looks pretty nice, even on Windows. Just look around on that site for some more programs to make the type of things in Mac OSX on Windows. :)
I currently use Objectdock, it is really a great program! I only wish they implemented a delay function so that when my mouse moves to the edge of my screen, it doesn't popup out as quick-I open several programs I don't want to accidentally because of it.
There are two Expose clones for Windows...one is freeware, and is still in development. It's a sort of personal project called iEx. Check the Aqua-Soft.org boards for the download link. It's not as elegant as Expose in OS X in that it doesn't have the animation effects etc, but it does the same sort of job.

Another new one that's out recently is called WinExpose. This one seems to be quite a close replica of the real deal, but it's commercial software and there's no trial version available. http://www.winexpose.com
As for the Finder, there are a couple of personal projects similar to iEx on aqua-soft.org that you might want to take a look at. I haven't tried any of these myself, so you'll have to see for yourself. :)


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As NetRyder said, Exposé has been mimicked, but it's currently inferior to the real thing. And to create the finder would require an explorer replacement, possibly an entire shell replacement.

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