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Fdisk help.

When a drive has a primary - extended/logical partitions created on it, it's possible to delete and recreate the primary partition without losing the data on the extended/logical parititions. My question is this: If I delete the primary paritition and go to recreate it, do I have to use all the available space, or can I create it using 50% (example %) and use the other 50% in another partition without losing my original extended/logical partitions?
I found out. After I deleted the primary partition I could recreate it using 50% of that space. But there's no way to reclaim that other 50% using Fdisk because there's already an extended partition, and the space on the extended partition is already used by the logical partition(s). Interesting test though.

Disclaimer - if you play with Fdisk and wipe your whole drive out, don't blame me. /end disclaimer. :p


if you want to play deeper, try using Partition magic 7 it WILL let you add or create another partion using that 50% space.


Disclaimer, blah the same thing you said :D


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