Favourite Sticom.



Sky TV, (on UK-Gold 1&2) have in the last few months, been showing the classics, so you can vote for the best Sitcom.

They've been showing Porridge and Only Fools and Horses more recently.

Myself Porridge is the best hands down. I can watch repeat after repeat of Ronnie Barkers Classic.

I do hope soon they start running the Young Ones (this is also an entry), I wanna be Chirtsey Bolovsky again.

Any thoughts on your best comedy Sitcom?
Red Dwarf an Brittas Empire for British

Sports Night and Spin City for American
Khayman said:
Red Dwarf an Brittas Empire for British

Sports Night and Spin City for American
Chris Barry fan huh, he kinda gets on my noodle.
Man i agree porridge is amazing and so is Red Dwarf (series 1-6), others I love include Father Ted, Blackadder, Young Ones, Bottom and you cant really grumble at Fools and Horses
As lame as it may sound to some... i think Friends is the best sitcom on tv. Never fails to make me laugh. I see it whever i can but there are so many episodes i've missed...when the box set comes out with them all i may be tempted.
I am not a fan of American shows. My girl watches Charmed habitually, I only see crumpet myself, Alyssa Milano is pretty fit.
I too like friends but took me ages to get into it! I have some of the DVD boxsets they put them out on promo now and again so if your lucky you can get them cheap :)

Lee is this thing on UKgold like what they did on the BBC ? I remember they were running "the greatest sitcom" but I cant remember if its finished and if so who won. Really it has to be Only Fools and Horses, while I personally rate Father Ted as my favorite (another one you have to get into) it will nevr beat of&h fan base.
Electronic Punk said:
Coupling (UK version)
and does the office count ? :)

Still on BBC2 and Sky, I miss This Life and Game-On.

Game-On is still repeated on Thursday's on sky with gimme gimme gimme.

As far as I know not sure if the competition has finished. They're still doing lots of Porridge still. Just got off watching Return to river cottage again and again (coz I love it), I am not a teleaddict, just I pencil in things I want to watch only.As for only fools and horses, when grandad went it went down hill. It had it's day before Damien was born. I just know all the punchlines and all the gags.

Porridge was on when i was a kid, parents sent me to bed when it started in the evening. Only fools and horses was more weekend and at my ''before bedtime''. So ive seen them too many times.I've also caught up on ''on the busses'', ''man about the house''
and George and Mildred, all shows which went out after my bedtime.

I also forgot to add, To death do us part, going straight was the spin off to Porridge hope they repeat that also. Can add a twist of Dallas and I got a whole night feet up watching TV.
River cottage LOL!!!
We watch it too :) They have those days on discovery, which is solid River cottage all day and we have just sat watching them (usually stuff all else on :) thats my excuse ;))
The funniest thing was may family got together for my Nans 80th and we all went on a cottage holiday to Dorset. We was only the next village or so to his and we were taking the piss out of my mother saying we were going to go over to his for dinner and stuff. We we went to to a small fishing village and we saw him his son, his dog and Nick Fisher (radio and tv presenter) going out fishing we were damn near speachless :)
*Still off topic, Lee if by anychance you have not seen them I would also recommend watching "A cook on the wildside" is still Hugh and is very good*
I am a vegetarian, don't follow hughs recipies, I like his lifestyle.

I forgot to add to my list ''Little Britain''.

I only watch things when I want to watch them, I don't sit there day n night flicking, if I am not going to watch it the TV goes OFF.

****Wonders if I should start a porno channel thread also**** :rolleyes: :p
DAMN yeah little Britain too (great news new series out autumn) *Lee you should like a cook on the widleside even more as its more about his life styl, one series he lives on a canal barge, living off the land/ trading for food, the other he travels in a totally kitted out Land rover doing the same thing*

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