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Hey delta4s cool name :D
what server do you play in ?
whats your BHD name ?

FaT *BoB*
server name = *BoB* Battles

/hits F9 & 7 " hey!!! "
cu on the battlefield sometime



Boogie Nights...!
2zee said:
Delta Force Black Hawk Down

for me no other game comes close
Is it really THAT good? Cos i've seen it quite cheap (<£20) online to buy now...should i?

My faves:
Enemy Territory (cant get enough sometimes and actually not too bad at it!)
Call of Duty is nice
C&C Generals (just getting into it after buying the deluxe edition).


OSNN Gamer
Teddy said:
Is it really THAT good? Cos i've seen it quite cheap (<£20) online to buy now...should i?.
I love it
the maps are really basic
dusty Somalian streets

the game play is really basic as well
point n click :p
most popular game type is team king of the hill & team death match
I'm not keen on TKOTH ~ I hate camping in the same place

TDM is great ~ fight for progressive spawn points ~ and pin the enemy in their base :D

the pro's for me would be
very few cheats to spoil it
some really fast servers
good choice of weapons and characters
street combat
ability to lean ~ bend from the middle
friendly atmosphere (most of the time) :rolleyes:

its definitely worth £20



ut2k4 (retail comes in mail tomorrow 03/15/04)
battlefield vietnam kick ass game if you have not played it go get it now! close to realistic.


Generally Random
Sega Rally 2 Arcade (sooo much money spent)
ToCA Race Driver (PC)
Metropolis Street Racer (DreamCast)

im supposed to be impartial cos i am studying games programming, but i LOVE racing games :D

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