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favorite superbowl commercials



This year's commercials were kind of slow with the exception of that one with the football player plumeling those office workers. That one and the Yao/Yo were my favs.


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The one with Tiki Barber and Rondi Barber was funny.

"Aren't you a Football player??? But so is he...

You're gonna watch the Super Bowl at home... aaaand he's gonna play in it.

Just makin an observation..."

Talk about adding insult to injury. :p :p


I liked the one with Willy Nelson doing shaving cream commercials for his back taxes.... "Hey My Face Is Burning!!!!" LOL.... And that one FedEx one based off of the Cast Away movie... And he asked what was in the package that he didn't open for 5 years... GPS, Satellite Phone, Water Purifier, and some Seeds... LMAO :D :D :D

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I like that one where, no wait.

Having said that, did see the T3 trailer, Matrix Trailer and that new Pepsi with Ozzie Osborne.. twist?


i'm already sick of the Osbourne's commercial ....seen it 4 times last night ...poor old bumbling Ozzy :)
My faves were 2 Budlight ones, one with the clown walking on his hands, the other with the guy who goes into the bar with the dog on his head..LMAO! I did also like the Ozzy one, even tho I've never seen his show.


None of this year's SB commercials top the New Nike commercial w/ naked man running all over the soccer field....I can't watch that commercial w/o nearly falling over laughing.....especially when he starts gettin it on with the corner flag.

But if I gotta pick one from the SB, it would be the Office Linebacker commercial. "Stay down....Mitch!"

Honorable mentions would be Bud Light, the one with the clown and ummmm well.....I guess that's it. The commercial with the Zebra reviewing the play was pretty good too.


fave was definitely Terry Tate Office Linebacker

someone on another forum said something about not being able to download the full quicktime movie--only able to watch it off Reebok's site--so i stuck it on my website, if anyone's interested. about 14MB and you need QT6, hit my sig below. i even snagged the halftime show with that hot lil number shania but it's too big to put out on my site.


Beware the G-Man
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Damn... I just watched it again.. ROFLMAO!!! Ooooh man my sides hurt. hahaha... Only thing is that the Super Bowl one shows him wiping out some of the Female Employees also.
the funniest was the dodge ram one with the choking in the passenger seat and the driver hit the gas then slamed on the brakes and the food came out and u saw it sliding down the window.

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