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hmm... still can't figure out exactly why there is no topic in NTFS.org for video games. i mean i can understand WHY, since it is about computers, but still, gaming consoles pretty much started the rush of PC games.

Anyway, Was just wondering what everyone's most favorite series of Nintendo games is.

I had to put down Zelda as my most favorite. I mean, I like Metroid and all, but Zelda is BY FAR my most favorite.
Where's the Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, and Castlevania options??? ...Yeesh

(We are talking NES here right? Or covering all Nintendo consoles?)


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Versionfiv, i'm talking mostly about nintendo series's that still exist on nintendo. Megaman would count since they just had one on N64 and still might come out with one for gamecube. Not sure if they are coming out with one for GC, but they jus may. Final fantasy.................. would count, but they went to Sony, which TOTALLY is overrunning that series. I mean they come out with jut about 2 new versions per year. THAT'S FRIGGIN NUTZ!!!!! so, for final fantasy........... no.


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DRAGON WARRIOR!!! muhahaahah
FINAL FANTASY!!! muhahahaaha

Can't beat the original RPGs they are the bomb diggity. DW4 is my favorite of all time. I would rather play that than most games that are out now.

Good thing Final Fantasy is still going strong, i think i might buy a PS2 just to play FF10.


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I don't see how people like Final Fantasy so much. They are using that title WAY too much. Why wouldn't they add something ELSE to the title of the friggin game?!?! i mean come on. ever since FF1 was out for NES, there was NEVER anything behind the title and number of the game. i don't remember ever playing Final Fantasy. And like i said, since Final Fantasy went over to PS, i couldn't care less about it anymore.


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hmm... *wonders why he luv's talkin bout Nintendo n' stuff* anyone here pre-order The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and get that bonus disc? I did, and i LOVE IT!!!!!
yeah, Zelda sometimes does make ya think. specially the Master quest for OoT. Major pain in the as.......err........:confused: yeah, u get the point (i hope).

btw, who voted for mario? I didn't really wanna put that up there but it was the only other series i could think of, and it would be kinda stupid to only have 2 series's and then other......

Wow, first time i've ever seen u around, Ragnarok. that's a good game too. jus sucks that i can't play since i didn't get to re-register for Closed beta 2. and Sgt.WOW, that is one freaky sig u gots there:D


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well i liked the Zelda series the best. The old schools Metriod II, Super Metroid, and Mario Bros. Final Fantasy is hella good too.


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don't know if any of you people have played either OoT or OoT Master Quest that they have for GameCube, but if The Wind Waker litterally has NO loading time like those 2 do, i will be very impressed............. and happy as a MoFo:cool:


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well, here's how the bonus disc is:

1) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (stayed the same)
2) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest (Same as original OoT, but all dungeons changed DRAMATICALLY)
3) Bonus videos for upcoming games, including 1080 Avalanche, Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker, and F-Zero (which might i add is UBER SWEET!!!!!!!!)


Originally posted by Glaanieboy
I am addicted to Mario
Yay! finally someone else who likes Mario!! that series is great, for all of the different consoles it was good, but i dont have a GC so i cant play the newest one :huh: But imma go to one of my friends and play it :D



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I think the newer one is a disgrace. I mean, you NEVER seen mario walk around wit a water squirtin jetpack before, why start now?!?! to sum it up, the game gets too old, too quik.


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Originally posted by ElementalDragon
I think the newer one is a disgrace. I mean, you NEVER seen mario walk around wit a water squirtin jetpack before, why start now?!?! to sum it up, the game gets too old, too quik.
LOL, exactly what I thought, Mario went from shooting fireballs and flying around in his coloured hats, to having a water-filled jetpack. :huh:

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