Favorite monitor


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Will post a poll for this test . And this top will help me to make a chart so vote your favorite ! :)
( haven't added model & size details ( 17'' & 19'' & 21'' ) ; doesn't really matter for me but can be added in your post )
I own an
ADi G500 Professional Monitor


The question is your favorite monitor, right?
that does not neccesarily mean what you have, or does it?


Sony trinitron flat screen crt, 19"

Aside from the two lines across the upper middle and lower middle (which you get used to and hardly notice), it's IMHO one of the best 19" monitors out there.

My dad also uses a Samsung Samtron on the basement computer, and I have to say, it looks pretty good, and was really cheap, but I'm still going to go with Sony as my favorite.


Hey Speedy_B I got the same monitor dude ;) your right it does the job extremely nicely, the dpi is very good too, as well as the refresh rates supported.

Plus the price, its not expensive, but you get quality. :D


I may actually be insane.
I bought this after my (8-yr old) 14" monitor bust, £140 for a monitor that copes with 1600x1200 isn't bad at all :)
it's a shame they've discontinued it now


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For the most part, regardless of name on case, the flat tubes are made by Sony in any decent make of monitor.
I have all Nokia's or Sony's but tubes are all Sony flat.......
if you take care of them any decent quality monitor will last a long time. My two 21" ones I got used and are 7 years old and still crisp and clear.

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