Favorite Linux Distro ?

Linux is actually an imitation of Minix. Nothing to do with BSD at all.
I have no idea what the difference is or what not, I have really only use Ubuntu.
I'll put a mark up for PClinuxOS 2007. It's radicly simple and it just works.. Been using it for a few years now... I've yet to find a better one. :)
CentOS on the server side and Ubuntu on the desktop side
where do you get apps to install for opensuse? none of the repo's I tried worked :p
Linux is actually an imitation of Minix. Nothing to do with BSD at all.

Imitation of Minix? Doubtful, as then Linux would not have gone with a monolithic kernel versus a very much so microkernel OS as Minix. Linux was written using Minix as the workstation, and contains some of the same file layout with regards to file names in the source tree, but there is only so much that one can change when it comes to certain files before it becomes too hard to use.

Linus wrote Linux as a way to get a free Unix like operating system out to the world, because at the time AT&T had upped the cost of their Unix licensing, and no other free OS's outside of Minix were available. Andrew Tannenbaum who created the Minix operating system even says that if Linux was an imitation of minix Linus ****ed up:

[...] Linus didn't sit down in a vacuum and suddenly type in the Linux source code. He had my book, was running MINIX, and undoubtedly knew the history (since it is in my book). But the code was his. The proof of this is that he messed the design up. MINIX is a nice, modular microkernel system, with the memory manager and file system running as user-space processes. This makes the system cleaner and more reliable than a big monolithic kernel and easier to debug and maintain, at a small price in performance, although even on a 4.77 MHz 8088 it booted in maybe 5 seconds (vs. a minute for Windows on hardware 500 times faster). An example of commercially successful microkernel is QNX. Instead of writing a new file system and a new memory manager, which would have been easy, Linus rewrote the whole thing as a big monolithic kernel, complete with inline assembly code :-( . The first version of Linux was like a time machine. It went back to a system worse than what he already had on his desk. Of course, he was just a kid and didn't know better (although if he had paid better attention in class he should have), but producing a system that was fundamentally different from the base he started with seems pretty good proof that it was a redesign. I don't think he could have copied UNIX because he didn't have access to the UNIX source code, except maybe John Lions' book, which is about an earlier version of UNIX that does not resemble Linux so much.
- http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/brown/
where do you get apps to install for opensuse? none of the repo's I tried worked :p

For 10.2
10.3 has that one click net thingy, but this is a good walk through for 10.3

Of course Packman might be in that complete list, if he's not, he also has most of Guru's stuff

and of course http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/ This is pretty much the one click thing :)
OpenSuse 10.3 pour moi, on the desktop side.

Might be setting up debian for mail/web/ftp/file server side, if I ever work up the gumption.


Cool, I'll have to acquire opensuse again. Rather liked how it was setup and its multiple monitor support, but never actually figured out how to get the repo's working :)

I'll give it a try once I've got settled in at the folks place for xmas :)

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